Product features

1. PLC control with touching screen, the stripping length, cutting depth, the terminal front and rear position for crimping, the terminal left and right position for crimping are digital setting. One end is for crimping, the other end is for stripping (full stripping or semi stripping)

2. It uses imported high precision servo motor and THK high precision slides.

3. The crimping machine is controlled by high precision Italian BGM frequency converting motor, which is lower working noise, longer servicing time, and stable tensile force.

3. It uses imported pneumatic components

4. It is equipped with automatic pre-feeding device to ensure the precision of the linear materials

Technical parameters

1.Model: BZW-1.0

2.Wire size: 0.1-2.5mm2 (AWG12-36) (special size could be ordered)

3.Pre-feeding device: servo motor (it is optional)

4.Capacity: 4500-5000pcs/hour (the length of each piece is less than 100mm)

5.Function: one end for stripping, the other end for crimping, single end for semi stripping

6.The adjusting method for blade: microprocessor controlled system + high precision stepping motor driving.

7.Cutting length: 35-100000mm (special length could be order)

8.Cutting precision: adjusting range 0.5mm + cutting length * 0.5% below

9.Stripping length: single end: 0-10mm, two ends: 0-30mm, (special length could be ordered)

10.Equipped die: OTP horizontal die, straight die, European style die, Korean die and etc.

11.Crimping machine: frequency conversion mute crimping machine

12.Control: PLC, touching screen.

13.Inspecting items: inspection for wire tangle, defective wire, pre-feeding, wire crimping, and air pressure.

14.Power supply: AC 220V/ 110V 50/60HZ

15.Compressed air: 0.5 Mpa about 140N/min

16.Outer dimension: 650 x 700 x 1500 mm

17.Weight: about 200kg

Product  video

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