Product features

1.  The device is controlled by digital intelligence and operated by pressing the button. Its performance is stable, high in precision, fast in speed and operation is convenient.

2. It could process the electronic wire, silicone wire, Teflon wire, glass fiber wire, shielded wire, coaxial cable and etc. by full automatic cutting, stripping, semi stripping, and middle part stripping.

3.Special function: it can change the different specification of the wire in very short time.


Technical parameters:

1.Model: BZW-228+N

2.Outer dimension: 420 x 580 x 320mm

3.Weight: 35 kg

4.Display: 128 x 80 Blue LCD in Chinese

5.Power supply: AC215-235V≦50/Hz

6.Power: 120-250W

7.Cutting length: 1mm-99999.9mm

8.Middle stripping: 13 stripping positions in the middle.

9.Stripping length: Stripping head: 0.1 -30mm, stripping end: 0.1-30mm

10.Applicable wire core area: 0.1 -2.0mm2 x 2 AWG 14#–30# x 2

11.Cutting tolerance: 0.002 x L mm (within) x L= cutting length

12.Twisting range: AWG14# -30# (double line)

13.Twisting length: 0-30mm

14.Max. Guide bushing diameter: 1.5-5mm

15.Blade materials: imported high speed steel, tungsten steel

16.Drive: 4 Wheels driving

17.Stripping capacity per hour: 4000-10000 pieces

18.Wire pressure adjustment: have

19.Pulse equivalent: no error within 1 m.

20.Program: it can storage 200 programs; it doesn’t need to reset parameters while changing the different wire.

21.Total: 999999 pieces

22.Batch: 99999 pieces

23.Blade motor precision: 0.03mm

24.Precision for inlet and outlet motor: mute mixed stepping motor, each step is about 0.1mm

25.Remarked function: automatic pre-feeding and discharging, time sets for automatic starting, exclusive striping and discharging the wire. The program 96 is for processing the super short wire.

26.The shortest twisting function: the wire could be twisted while the middle part of the wire skin length remains 26mm

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